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My Week With Halloween Films in 2016 - Day 3

Date: Friday 28th October 2016
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Monster Squad (1987)

The club leader of a group of monster obsessed pre-teen kids is given a diary of Dr Helsing, albeit written in German. It is helpfully translated by the local "Scary German Guy" and tells of an amulet of concentrated good. However, the amulet is prone to destruction in one day out of every century. While this is happening Dracula, who wasn't defeated in the previous century by Helsing, is recruiting his monsters (A Mummy, The Wolf Man, Frankenstein's Monster and Gill Man) to help him destroy the amulet and plunge the world into darkness.

My first knowledge of this film was at a late friends house and I only saw the first part, unfortunately I never got to finish watching the film so I made sure I got to see it this time. The film is basically Goonies with a horror slant and is cheesy in places. But above all, even after I deliberated about whether I liked it or not, it is quite watchable.

Most Standout Moment: During the final fight, Horace is being chased by The Gill Man and along the way picks up a shotgun. He tries to get into a shop, pleading to the bullies that tormented him earlier in the film, but they are too scared to open the door. Eventually Horace shoots The Gill Man, killing him in one shot. The bullies, impressed, call out: "Hey Fat Kid! Good job!". He replies "My Horace!" and cocks the shotgun.

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