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Game programming and competitions

Date: Thursday 15th October 2009
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I've just been adding and updating some pages to show off my remake of the ZX Spectrum game Robber. When I was coding this I decided to look back at The Road To Mayfair and my E.T. remake.

Oops! My coding wasn't as good as it should have been and trying to repair the bugger was fruitless. Luckily, out of the two, E.T. is rescuable, however, The Road To Mayfair is looking like it needs a coding overhaul. Not to worry. It shouldn't take me long to fix the blighter and with the new coding it'll be a bit easier to debug.

Going back to Robber, I did it to learn GLBasic (which was really easy) and they have a coding competition, which started on the beginning of this month and will end 12th Jan next year. Now, in the past, I've tried to do competitions and I've either started a coding project, and never got to finish it or banged on about doing it but never got around to it, mainly due to other distractions or things happening that are out of my control.

But not this time.

This time I'm determined to have a go, get an entry in and enjoy myself doing it. So, throw whatever thing you can to stop me...go'll bounce off me like bullets pinging off bullet-proof glass. I've succeeded so far, with Robber, to get a game out. This coding competition is going to be a nice challenge for me.

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