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My Week With Sci-Fi Films in 2020 - Day 4

Date: Tuesday 5th May 2020
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Dominion Tank Police (1988)

In the future, Earth is highly polluted and the people of the metropolis, New Port City, have to wear oxygen masks as the air quality is unbearable. The story centers on a division of the police called the Tank Police, who specialise in using tanks. Leona Ozaki is a new recruit, transferred in from the Motorcycle division, who is ethusiastic about her work but, in this series, is up against her squad leader, Brenten, a macho hotshot as well as the ciminals Buaku and the catgirls, AnnaPuma and UniPuma.

This isn't a film, as Akira is, but it is a straight to video release, hence the name OVA (Original Video Animation). This is split into 4 30 minute episodes and is a prequel the the Dominion manga series that was released in 1986. The series itself is a giggle and is well done. Add it to your watchlist.

Most funniest moment: How Buaku takes care of the Tank Police.

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