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My Week With Sci-Fi Films in 2020 - Day 3

Date: Monday 4th May 2020
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Moon 44 (1990)

In 2038 all of Earth's natural resources have run out and mining has taken place on other planets by Multinational Corporations. Felix Stone, from Internal Affairs, is called to investigate the disappearance of two shuttles from Moon 44. He is placed undercover with the other prisoners for pilot duty to help defend Moon 44.

As the starting credits rolled up, one name caught my eye. Dean Devlin. I was sure that I knew that name. Sure enough, two years after this film he wrote Universal Soldier, Stargate and then Independence Day. Which is pretty amazing considering how young he looked here, however, we was in his late twenties when he did this. It was also good to see Brian Thompson having fun in some scenes.

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