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My Week With Halloween Films in 2018 - Day 4

Date: Thursday 1st November 2018
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Manborg (2011)

The world is plunged into a war against the forces of evil, lead by Count Draculon. In one conflict, a soldier is killed attempting to take on Count Draculon after his platoon is taken out. Then the body of the solider is taken from the battlefield and turned into the cyborg, known as Manborg. Manborg wakes up in the future and finds some resistance fighters. Together they take on hell's occupying forces.

I couldn't resist watching a film with a title like Manborg and I wasn't disappointed. Plenty of intentional cheese, bad dialogue and stylised visuals could not pull me away. The stop motion is a welcome sight to film and it's done well here. A lot of fun was had in this film and it shows. I also had a giggle/wtf moment of one of the resistance fighters, called Number One Man, who looks like he's been pulled from Pit Fighter/Mortal Kombat.

Best Sfx moment: The stylised stop motion in this film is quite a standout.

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