E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - PC Remake

Objective: find the 3 pieces of the phone to help ET escape Earth and go home.
The pieces are scattered around the holes in the four areas but be aware and keep away from the scientist and fbi who will impede your progress.
If you only have Reese's pieces the FBI guy will just steal them, however, if you have any phone pieces he will take one of those away.
The Scientist will just take you to the Government building but you cannot escape from his grasp.
To find the hole, look to the bottom left. The indicator will tell you if you find a hole or not and if you've visited it or not.

Please Note: This game starts off straight away as there is a bug where moving just after the cutscene will crash the game. When restarting, please do not touch the controls until you see the Reese's Pieces graphic in the bottom half of the screen


Arrow keys -> Movement
z key -> Activate power zone and bring flower to life when in hole
x key -> Drop down hole and press once when in hole to get out (then press up)
s key -> To start the game
Esc key -> Quits the game

Known bugs:
- Reese's pieces shown over ET
- In some area holes, phone piece one will still show after you've picked it up
- The game will crash if you move the player during the cutscene (please see note above)
- When candy is eaten on the relevant power zone the energy shoots down then returns to the added amount

To Do:
- add more sfx
- add music
- add Elliott function (when Elliott is given 9 Reese's pieces he will find a phone piece and chase away the enemy)
- add the spaceship taking E.T. away when the round has been won

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