My Week With Halloween Films in 2018 - Day 4


The world is plunged into a war against the forces of evil, lead by Count Draculon. In one conflict, a soldier is killed attempting to take on Count Draculon after his platoon is taken out....

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My Week With Halloween Films in 2018 - Day 3

From Beyond

Two scientists, Edward Pretorius and his assistant Crawford Tilinghast, are building a machine called the Resonator to see beyond reality. However, the machine brings something back which kills Edward, leaving Crawford to escape the house....

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My Week With Halloween Films in 2018 - Day 2

Return of the Living Dead

In a medical supply warehouse, the foreman, Frank, is showing off to the new employee Freddy. One story that is told by Frank is that the Night of the Living Dead film based on a real life account but Freddy thinks Frank is pulling his leg. Until Frank suggests seeing the actual bodies, in barrels downstairs....

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My Week With Halloween Films in 2018 - Day 1


A small town doctor, Matt Hastings, is called to check out the cause of a man's death, seen in the very start of this film. On looking over him, he is puzzled to what the cause of the death is. In a discussion between Matt and the local sheriff it is revealed that the man could be a known scientist operating outside of the town...

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How to turn a TZX file into an MP3

Since I wrote Bob The Space Janitor I've wanted to see it load on actual hardware. It's all very well and good just relying on emulators but I grew up with the ZX Spectrum, so for me, having that hardware connection is an achievement (and a nostalgic bonus).

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My Week with Sci-fi Films in 2018 - Day 2

Species 4: The Awakening

Miranda is highly educated and is a college professor who lives with her uncle, Tom. On a date the night before, something goes wrong. She is rushed to hospital with weird black markings through her veins.

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