Holy 75 Years, Batman! Part 1

This year marks Batman's 75th anniversary which is something I would have missed had it not been for How It Should Have Ended's video from San Diego Comic Con. My love for the Bat started many years ago as I remember seeing Tim Burton's film when it was on VHS and I'd also saw Batman Returns at the cinema (my Mum had sneaked me in to see it)....(Read more)

Posted by: namco | Sunday 10th August 2014

Star Trek XII: Into AAARRRGGGGHHH! Part 3

Warning: This post contains spoilers!

Admiral Marcus appears on the viewscreen to have a chat with Kirk. Kirk tactfully plays dumb to see what Marcus does – all Marcus seems to want is Khan. Kirk jumps the ship into warp thinking he's left Marcus behind but Marcus' ship catches up, opens fire on the Enterprise and disables the ship, leaving the Enterprise very close to Earth's moon....(Read more)

Posted by: namco | Monday 4th August 2014

Star Trek XII: Into AAARRRGGGGHHH! Part 2

Warning: This post contains spoilers!

So, anyway, the first showing of the Klingons (with their masks on) look ok – a change from the original series, but a good one since in the original series the Klingons looked human with wispy beards. It wasn't until Star Trek: The Motion Picture that the Klingon look changed into what we know and love today, in fact, there was an explanation as to why the Klingons looked the way that they did and that was to do with a genetic virus at he time. So the current writers used masks as a way for the human looking Klingons to hide their shame from the regular Klingons....(Read more)

Posted by: namco | Monday 14th July 2014

Star Trek XII: Into AAARRRGGGGHHH! Part 1

Warning: This post contains spoilers!

So here we are again, another J. J. Abrams Star Trek film which means another ranty post, but don't worry I'm not going to be petty and do the whole ubergeek thing of lambasting small details that didn't happen in episode 6, scene 5 of Star Trek: The Original Series, however, I will be pointing out just how bad this film got from start to finish. Even my girlfriend who hates Star Trek hates this film and the ironic thing is that this series was written to appeal to people like her!...(Read more)

Posted by: namco | Monday 30th June 2014

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