My Week With Halloween Films in 2015 - Day 3


After moving from a University in Switzerland to the Miskatonic University in the US, Dr West - played by Jeffrey Combs, which most will recognise as Weyon from Star Trek: DS9 - moves into Dan Cain's basement so that he can further his research into animating the dead.....

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My Week With Halloween Films in 2015 - Day 2


A small group of friends Skype each other but, on this particular day. find that an unknown user keeps joining their conversation. A user that they can't get rid of and starts to wreck havoc of the relationships between the other friends. Digging deeper they find that this is a user that can't possibly exist since said user died not so long ago....

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My Week With Halloween Films in 2015 - Day 1

The Bride of Chucky - Child's Play 4 (1998)

So to kick start this year of a week of Halloween films, we begin with the Bride of Chucky (Child's Play 4). Following on from Child's Play 3 the Chucky doll is locked in a police lockup, that includes items such as Jason Vorhees mask, the Michael Myers mask, the glove of Freddy Kruger and other iconic items. A bent cop is sent to pick up said doll for someone called Tiffany, who we later learn is Chucky's ex, and like Chucky isn't afraid to spill a little blood every now and then. After resurrecting the Chucky doll with the aid of a Dummies book on Voodoo, Tiffany ends up locking Chucky in a playpen and torments him after she hears he had no intention of ever marrying her....

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My Thoughts On Doom: E3 2015

So it's been a number of years but finally another installment of Doom has arrived in the incarnation of another remake. But before we delve into my thoughts of the gameplay, lets have a look at a very brief history of Doom.


Doom 1

Shortly after Spear of Destiny, id Software were looking to improve on their newly developed FPS genre with a game based on the Aliens license, however, at the last minute they decided to pull out so that they could have total creative control, which was very unlikely to happen with that licensed property. During the research for Doom, John Carmack produced an engine that featured variable heights and sloping floors. This was later given to Raven Software who used it to craft a lesser known title called ShadowCaster. It was after this research that work on Doom started.

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I've Been Bitten By The Assembler Bug

Yes, it's true. I'm starting to fall in love with assembler - mainly on retro systems. My latest assembler "acquisition" is 6809 programming on the Vectrex. Compared to assembler on the ZX Spectrum it's quite easy and one I'd recommend starting with. If you want to have a go here are a few links to get you started:

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Retro Collect VGM 2015 and Saturn Import Games

Back in February I went to Leeds, with a friend, to Retro Collect's second Video Game Market, which was much bigger than last year and the prices were affordable. It wasn't just the games that were available on sale, there were other consoles and micro computers like the ZX Spectrum (boxed and unboxed), lcd games, gaming t-shirts and lots more. I went hoping to get the Action Replay cart for the Sega Saturn and was thinking about getting a ZX Spectrum and possibly some games.

I winded up getting the Action Replay cart and Soviet Strike for the Saturn.

Retro Collect's Video Game Market held in Leeds Town Hall

I'd been thinking about going down the import route on the Saturn because although it has a decent sized library, in comparison to the Dreamcast, there are some pretty interesting games on the import side, for example Gungriffon and DoDonPatchi....

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ET Remake



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